The Origin of language An Analysis of Theories from Qurᾱnic Perspective

  • Muhammad Saleem Elementary & Secondary Education Department, KP
  • Dr. Janas Khan Malakand University, Chakdara
  • Dr. Muhammad Naeem Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
Keywords: Origin of language, Qurᾱnic Perspective, Qurᾱnic Corpus


This research article is a critical investigation of the origin of language in light of the Holy Qurᾱn. History states theories in origin of language which were practiced to answer the question of origin of language. The researcher has quoted and studied the theories in the field of evolution of language. The verses of the Holy Qurᾱn are stated in order to highlight the position and origin of language. The Qurᾱnic Arabic Corpus is used to present the concordance and collocation of the term language (tongue). The theories on origin of language have found with shortcomings and weak based arguments. Arabic language is the mother of all languages. Language existence is traced back with pre-world times, Allah spoke (Arabic language) to angels in regards of creation of man on earth. The constant repetition of words qāla 1618 times and qawl 92 times in the Holy Qurᾱn are also the evidences of language beginning when nothing was existed. Allah created first man (Ᾱdam-A.S) with the brain capacity of comprehending and speaking language. The findings suggest, language is purely gifted by Allah. It is a bestowed power of man to survive with effective communication on earth. In this research paper, the theories about the origin of language have been analyzed from Qurᾱnic perspective which shall be a productive addition.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Saleem, Elementary & Secondary Education Department, KP

Subject Specialist,

Dr. Janas Khan, Malakand University, Chakdara

Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies

Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan

Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies