Dark Aspects of Emotional Intelligence: How can it be improved in the Light of Islamic Perspective?

  • Dr. Asfandeyar Fida Elementary & Secondary Education, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Associate Professor, Department of Education, AWKU Mardan
  • Dr. Mohammad Niqab Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Sheringal University Dir
Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Regulation of Emotions, Islam


Emotional intelligence is a worthy construct associated with career accomplishments, acquisition and everyday life. It energizes all human activities. There are assorted conceptions of emotional intelligence which have unveiled diverse components of emotional intelligence. The main aspects are recognition and regulation of emotions. This study is pointed to appraise the dissemination of the levels of various factors, to ascertain the weakest facet and to highlight it in the Islamic viewpoints. The Davies, Stankov and Roberts conception was used as a base for investigation and Wong and Law Emotional intelligence Scale as instrument for collecting information. The outcomes provided that on the average most of the learners were weaker on the ‘regulation of emotions.’ Regulations of emotions include the capacities of being patience, optimism, self-control, persistency, adaptability, marinating relations, civility etc. Islam has provided ample guidelines on all these facets to grip one’s emotions effectively, therefore, stakeholders are opined to seek guidance from it.