The Accountability system in the state of Medina and its implementation in the present time

ریاست مدینہ کا نظام احتساب اور عصر حاضر میں اس کی تطبیق

  • Dr. Ghous Uddin Khan Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, Govt Degree College, Muslim Bagh, Baluchistan
Keywords: Key Words: Islamic State of Madinah, Accountability, Mankind, Impacts


Jurists have given a comprehensive connotation of corruption, which including financial corruption, encompasses all moral and social evils.

Majority of the jurists are unanimously agreed on the point that accountability process has its roots since the origination of Islam and they argue that the accountability articles were the part of the charter of Medina. Prophet Muhammad (P.BU.H) played his part as the ombudsman and chief justice in the nascent state of Medina. An indiscriminating accountability system was prevalent in the state.No one was above the law, both weak and powerful were dealt by law on equality basis.

 All sort of financial corruption including all forms of social evils, such as, falsehood, dishonesty, fraud, usury, bribery were nipped in the bud. All the complaints against civil administrators were immediately redressed. Only the competent individuals were appointed on the public officees.Piety, knowledge, genius, honesty and strong will-power were the basic requirements for the appointments. It was on account of strong accountability process that the state of Medina witnessed an era of peace and harmony and of prosperity.