Sound Pollution as Great Hazard for human health and its solution in the light of Prophetic Guidance

  • Dr. Sumaira Nawaz Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Sciences &Humanities, University of Engineering& Technology Taxila, Pakistan
Keywords: Sound Pollution, human health, Prophetic guidance, Islam.


In modern world, noise pollution is one of the current major environmental crises faced by humans on daily basis. The purpose of this paper is to highlight current sound pollution as an environmental issue and its major impacts on human’s health. The paper aims to investigate health issues in the context of sound pollution. Noise pollution is determined and discussed in the existing literature of environmental studies. The study examines the human behaviours regarding sound in the light of Islamic teachings.  The paper followed an analytical interpretivist method which examined hadith literature and conducted content analysis.  The study elaborates the religious guidance about sound which determines human behaviours and practices. This paper finds that Special emphasis was laid down by Islam on appropriate use of tongue, lower down the volume of sound and motivation to produce pleasant sound. Particularly, it developed moral awareness for humans to distinguish appropriate use of sound and its negative impacts. It further leads one to realize the need to abide all prophetic teachings regarding a sustainable environment.