Manifestations of Ibn Arabi's Concept of Perfect Man

ابن عربی کے تصورِ انسان کامِل کے مظاہر

  • Dr. Saira Tayyiba Research Associate, Islamic Center, BZ University, Multan, Punjab
  • Sayyad Adeel Shah PhD Research Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, Al-Hamad Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Zia Ur Rahman Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, SBB University Sheringal (DIR-U), KP
Keywords: Ibn e Arabi, Perfect Man, Prophets, Human Status, Islam, Mysticism


Ibn Arabi has a very high position in Islamic mysticism and that is why he is named “Sheikh Ibn Arabi”. He has clarified the concept of perfect man in his two books "Fatuhat Mekia" and "Fusus Al-Hakam". According to him, man is generally perfect. In this regard he uses the word "Adam" in his books but by this he does not mean only Adam (peace be upon him) but he uses this word in the general sense for all human beings. Man can attain the degree of perfection through his spiritual practice. However, regarding the spiritual perfection of man and woman, Ibn Arabi states that the degree of perfection of woman is less than that of man because God created woman as a part of man. Ibn Arabi also believes that the perfection of the Prophets (peace be upon them) besides the common people is also noteworthy and the perfection of the Prophets is more than the standard and position of the perfection of the common people. Hazrat Muhammad holds the highest standard of perfection and integrity. Ibn Arabi states that there are two types of prophecy. One of them is general prophecy while the other is called legislative prophecy.  He also tries to establish a link between the general prophets and the saints of Allah in the ummah of the Holy Prophet. Has come into existence.