General rules, Qur’an, sūraẗ al-kahaf,

الكليات القرآنية في سورة الكهف (دراسة وصفية)

  • Dr. Abdullah Molvi Abdul Ghafoor Assistant Professor, Department of Sunnah & its Sciences, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Dr. Obaid-Ur-Rahman Lecturer. Dawa Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: General rules, Qur’an, sūraẗ al-kahaf,


This article aims to discuss the general rules related to Quranic study in the light of sūraẗ al-kahaf. The Qur'anic general rules are a set of rules, which have sub rules to apply and output the rule of legislation. The Qur'an has presented these general rules through various and varied methods; many of these came from the words of the apostles and prophets, or an anecdote about their books and canons. Likewise, it may came within a set of verses containing several meanings and rules of the general rules, such as the rule: to remove embarrassment from people; this rule fixed in several verses. In this research work, I have focused on one sūraẗ of Qur’an, which is sūraẗ al-kahaf. I have derived general rules from the verse of Qur’an along with applied study.