Nᾱẓira Exam Taken Against 40 Percent Weightage at Primary Level

  • Aisha Shams ul ‘Arifῑn P.hd Scholar, Department of Education, FJWU & Teacher at G.G.H. School
  • Dr. S. Tajmmal Ḥussaῑn Shᾱh JEA in charge Curriculum development and textbook production wing capital administration and development division, Government of Pakistan
  • Dr. Syed Na'ῑm Bᾱdshᾱh Chairman, Department of Islamic/Pak.Studies, Agriculture University Peshawar
Keywords: Primary level, curriculum, Nᾱẓira Qurᾱn, Skills, Values, E&S education


Schooling primarily comprises three levels i.e. elementary, secondary, and tertiary. All levels have their own goals and objectives as per the needs of learners which are achieved through curriculum and guidelines appropriate to the age group of students. Elementary level correspondingly titled as the primary stage of education (Grade I-V in Pakistan) focuses on diverse indispensable skills and values required for shaping the personality of the child in the local, national and global context. Pakistan is an Islamic country having its curriculum for this level, builds upon religious knowledge, skills, and values besides others. Holy Qurᾱn being the fundamental guidance for humanity is an integral part of the curriculum and is included as Nᾱẓira (compulsory) at primary level carrying 40% weightage This study was conducted to find out students' achievement level against 40% weightage of Nᾱẓira Qurᾱn in historical perspective. The researchers followed the qualitative method and collected data from 20 schools at the class V level during the last two years. This study was based on document analysis in which data were collected from the school records located in the district under the Elementary and Secondary Education Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and formerly analyzed manually using thematic analysis.