An Analysis of Pakistan’s Role in US Dialogue with Ṭalibᾱn

  • Sumayya Feroz Lecturer, of Political Science, University of Swabi
  • Mian Muhammad Saleem Associate Professor of Law, AWKU Mardan
  • Shehla Naeem M.Phil Scholar, Department of Political Science, AWKU Mardan
Keywords: Analysis of Pakistan, Role in US, Dialogue with Ṭalibᾱn


The paper analysis the US talks with Ṭalibᾱn since they attacked on Afghanistan and eliminated Al-Qᾱ‘eda in October 2001. The piece of study highlights the role played Islamabad in patching up both Ṭalibᾱn and American for dialogue to come up with a peaceful solution to the US War in Afghanistan. Washington always uses divers’ players for holding talks with Ṭalibᾱn including, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, UAE and the Afghan government to achieve its objective. The study found that the US never sincere in their move of dialogue with the radical forces in Afghanistan. The study also come to the conclusion that the different actors’ involved by the US has their own interests to pursue rather than achieving US interests. Additionally, Washington never gave free hand to any one of the actors to hold talks with Ṭalibᾱn. These factors are responsible for blocking the way of peace in the graveyard of Empires.